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The event was exciting, entertaining, and made quite an impact. We’re STILL talking about it.
Fareed A. Khan, President, USG Building Systems

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Image & Communication Experts

Our diverse team includes experts in the full array of visual, vocal and behavioral communication modalities: Speech, Body Language, Wardrobe, Grooming, Business Etiquette and International Protocol.

Stefania Belussi

General Manager

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … It gives me a lot of satisfaction. It feels good to see clients feel more confident about their image and themselves. We have a solid team, where everybody's ideas and opinions are not only shared but also valued. It's interesting to see how every member of the team works with different people in their own special way. Positive thinking and a view that looks optimistically at the future are some of the great ingredients that make The Image Studios a place to enjoy working at.

Currently reading … Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland, the definitive biography of the iconic fashion editor.

Guilty pleasure … Eating Nutella… Everyday!

Good advice … When it comes to personal goals, focus all your energies on plan A, never have a plan B, otherwise your plan A will never happen.

Favorite quote … "Sometimes to lose balance for love is part of living balance in life." From Eat, Pray & Love.

Trina Davis, PhD

Image Coach

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … Change is a challenging process, and everyone has ways to evolve into a higher self. I have grown so much as a client and as an employee. I enjoy sharing my knowledge with others, as I continue to transform.

Guilty pleasure … Looking at fashion magazines while getting a pedicure.

Five things I can't live without … Friends, exercise, reading, my children, love, not necessarily in that order!

Favorite quote … "Roots of violence: Wealth without work, pleasure without conscience, knowledge without character, commerce without morality, science without humanity, worship without sacrifice, politics without principles." Mahatma Gandhi.

My inspiration comes from … Social justice: equality and fairness among human beings.

Arnell Brady

Speech Pathologist

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … They give me the freedom to do it my way.

Currently reading … Rhythms of the Brain by Gyorgy Buzsaki.

Guilty pleasure … A bowl of ice cream before bed.

Role model … My father.

Favorite quote … "There is nothing new under the sun." Ecclesiastes 1:4-11.

Kali Patrice


I like what I do at The Image Studios because … It is challenging, fun and inspiring! The team I work with talented, diverse, and witty. Every day I get to watch individuals and teams transform: It’s like peeking inside the cocoons as the caterpillars turn into butterflies. Smart, accomplished women repackage themselves to have more impact and they finally start to feel fulfilled. Business teams start really engaging with the people who matter - It feels like we are helping usher humanity back into businesses. I don’t like it - I love it!

Currently reading … Make the Impossible Possible by Bill Strickland and How to Be Black by Baratunde Thurston (Because, it would be a shame to get rusty!)

Favorite quote … “We see things not as they are, we see them as we are.” Anais Nin.

If I had it to do all over, I'd … Take the plunge and attend medical school to become a pediatric plastic surgeon.

My inspiration comes from … knowing that the Supreme Being who rises and sets the Sun, loves me and is in my corner every day!

Kristie Jorfald

Wardrobe Stylist

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … I get to work with like-minded, creative professionals who are not only passionate about what they do but are continuously teaching and inspiring me to become my best self.

Little known fact … I speak three languages.

Role model … My wonderful parents

Good advice … With everything you do in life give 110%... you never know who is watching.

Favorite quote … "No one is you and that is your power." - Dave Grohl

Chandra Simmons

Make-Up Artist

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … I am able to teach and show women my passion. What I do as a makeup artist for The Image Studios is more than make-up, it's about helping clients achieve their "beauty best", and I love that!

Guilty pleasure … Fruit with chocolate & marshmallows.

Five things I can't live without … Face wash, water, notebook & pen, fruit, lip balm.

Good advice … Always go with your first thoughts.

If I had it to do all over, I'd … Study medicine.

Donte Mitchell

Hair Stylist

I like what I do at The Image Studios because … I love using my talent as a tool to help. I feel the clients come in not just for a hair style but for help on a new way of feeling about themselves. I believe the way you feel about yourself is an important factor in your day to day life. So I love giving the clients an emotional experience when they sit in my chair.

Guilty pleasure … Going to Zara on Michigan Avenue and purchasing a shirt with a good pant, and maybe a pair of shoes or a nice bag... Every week!

Good advice … Never settle. Always feel like you can keep going, and keep advancing in everything you want.

If I had it to do all over, I'd … I would do high school all over again. I had an amazing time as a social butterfly in high school but academically I could have tried to turn my homework in on time and read those chapters my history teacher told me to read...

My inspiration comes from … Others I see advancing and doing well in their careers. It keeps me inspired and motivated to be amazing.