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Executive Presence:The Missing Link Between Merit and Success

How to identify and embody the Executive Presence that you need to succeed.

What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful

How to climb the last few rungs of the ladder.

To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others

How to use your selling power in life.

Unlocking Potential: 7 Coaching Skills That Transform Individuals, Teams, and Organizations

Engage your team and don't just be a manager but a leader.

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Team & Corporate Training

Each interactive training session grooms leadership, sharpens executive presence, and enhances communication. Programs are available in a variety of formats that facilitate learning and team engagement.

Personal Branding & Ambassadorship

Personal Branding: Smoke & Mirrors or Bottom Line Booster?

Target Audience:Experienced Business Leaders

Personal Branding…Executive Presence…Brand Ambassadorship, blah, blah, blah… What do these corporate catchphrases really mean and why do they matter? This can’t miss lecture demystifies the jargon and reveals how these cutting-edge concepts can have a direct and profound impact on your bottom line.

You will be empowered to define and elevate your personal brand, enhancing your leadership influence. You will learn meaningful actions that can be taken today to amplify your effectiveness and grow the business – no matter what your role. In other words, it will be time well spent!

Running Time:60-Minute Panel or 90-Minute Panel

Profit from Your Personal Brand

Target Audience:All Employees

Do you profit from your personal presence, or is it costing you and your business? This exciting workshop gives participants immediate feedback on how they are perceived and arms them with the tools necessary to create a brand that enhances personal and business relationships.

Participants receive coaching and development in the following areas:

  • Power of the personal branding in business – its connection to the bottom line;
  • Components of visual, vocal, behavioral and spatial communication;
  • Personal Brand determination.

Running Time:Half-Day Workshop or Full-Day Workshop

Building a Sponsor-Worthy Personal Brand

Target Audience:High-potential Female Employees

Sponsorship and personal branding are critical keys to every woman’s career success. And while not every woman desires the highest echelon of leadership within her profession, she certainly deserves to call the shots on how just far she goes!

Research shows that a sponsor confers a statistical career benefit and a personal brand significantly enhances promotional opportunities. During this inspiring conversation, personal branding expert Kali Patrice will dispel 5 myths about sponsorship and personal branding and share high-impact tips that will up your game.

Running Time:1-Hour Interactive Presentation or Half-Day Workshop

Brand YOU 1-on-1 Ambassador Branding Program

Target Audience:Executive, Management, High-Potential Employees

Many of our popular workshops can be provided as private coaching for your high-potential employees and executives. One-on-one coaching programs are customized to meet each individual’s professional development objectives and help unlock his or her most confident, powerful and brand-aligned self.

This private program is perfect for taking any employee’s professional, executive, or leadership presence to the next level.

Participants create and execute a Personal Blueprint for Success, which includes:

  • Learning the subtle communication, wardrobe, and grooming changes that can improve professional and personal effectiveness while maintaining individual style;
  • Assessing his or her personal Social-Professional I.Q. by developing an awareness of the attitude, manners, and appropriate communication required for polished interactions with customers and co-workers;
  • Designing a comprehensive Professional Image and Visibility Development Plan that addresses all opportunities for improvement (social grace, virtual presence, speech, body language, wardrobe, and grooming).

Running Time:Customized 3-6 Months Coaching Program

Executive Presence

Executive Presence: Making Positive and Memorable First Impressions

Target Audience:Entry-level to Senior Business Professionals

Do you get the respect you deserve? This exciting workshop is aimed at optimizing the first impression. It grants participants immediate feedback about how they are perceived and arms them with the tools necessary for making a memorable and positive first impression in business affairs, personal relationships and casual everyday interactions.

Full-day session teaches techniques for changing wrong impressions in existing relationships.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn techniques for modifying how you are perceived in existing relationships;
  • Gain control over your self-projection in new relationships.

Running Time:Half-Day Workshop or Full-Day Workshop

Sell Yourself First!

Target Audience:Mid-level managers

Professional poise is a powerful force in the corporate world. Your personal image is crucial to individual success and a necessity in competitive environments.

Sell Yourself First is designed to develop confident, poised, effective leaders. Participants will be empowered with the ability to understand and have command of the verbal and non-verbal messages that they send their employees, colleagues and customers. This interactive workshop enables leaders to control how they are perceived personally and professionally.

Participants can expect enhanced self and team awareness; increased effectiveness and productivity; improved customer and colleague relations; and greater opportunities for promotion.


  • Access the power of interpersonal interaction – understand how people are receiving your verbal and nonverbal communication;
  • Social-Professional I.Q. – strengthen your awareness of the requisite attitude, manners, and gracious communication required for polished interactions with customers and co-workers;
  • Develop a savvy, professional presence – learn how to shop and dress with the authority and taste consistent with the opportunities you desire!

Running Time:Half-Day Workshop or Full-Day Workshop

Virtual U

Target Audience:All employees

Gone are the simple days of inhabiting just a single, solitary world. Now, we all have dual-citizenship in the real world and the virtual world. The best way to master the universe is making sure your branding is consistent in both. This session will give you the goods on managing your virtual presence.

Running Time:1-Hour Interactive Presentation or Half-Day Workshop

Visual Identity & Professional Dress

Corporate Style I.Q.

Target Audience:All Employees

This engaging session reveals simple, high-impact solutions to amp up your personal style at work. Learn tricks of the trade from an expert wardrobe and style consultant: how to turn your visual identity into a billboard that projects the star that you are, to your colleagues and customers. The interactive lecture can be sculpted for both male and female audiences. It is fast-paced, fun and delivers guidance for planning a flexible wardrobe, expert advice on fit, color and proportion, and Stylist Picks to keep your workplace look up to date.

Participant Highlights:

  • Define visual identity and why it is so critical to workplace success;
  • Top tips for managing visual identity;
  • Guidance for planning a flexible wardrobe for work and play;
  • Expert advice on workplace wardrobe, including fit, proportion, color and accessories;
  • Stylist’s Picks that keep your look current.

Running Time:1-Hour Interactive Presentation With Demonstration

LeaderStyle™ Workshop: Building Your Professional Wardrobe

Target Audience:Entry level to senior level business professionals

The business battle is half won by LOOKING the PART! This workshop gives participants an opportunity to see how important our visual message is to our success. This engaging session focuses on the largest piece of visual image: Wardrobe.

Participants learn how to look the part, dress for success, visually function as a brand ambassador, and how to infuse a wardrobe with interest and personality. Designed for both male and female professionals, the program is interactive, fun and memorable.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Define “image” and determine why it is so critical to our success;
  • Learn how to effectively communicate your best attributes through clothing;
  • Clarify your company’s dress guidelines and demonstrate how to dress appropriately for your business environment;
  • Learn tips for enhancing one’s current wardrobe, including fit, proportion, tailoring, color and accessories.

During a fun clothing activity, participants virtually walk through their own closets to determine if they have the basic building blocks of a successful professional wardrobe. The session provides individual attention, high interaction and constructive feedback.

Running Time:Half-Day Workshop or Full-Day Workshop

LeaderStyle™ Wardrobe Demonstration

Target Audience:Sales, Customer Service, Management, Entry-level

Do your employees effectively represent the Company brand? Are casual Fridays killing your business? Your company’s dress guidelines – business formal, business casual, casual Friday – are all subject to interpretation. This exciting, interactive teaching presentation runs like a fashion show demonstrating appropriate dress that is customized to your corporate dress guidelines.

We clarify the ambiguous by merging the Company dress code with current trends, to eliminate dress code infractions. TheLeaderStyle™ Wardrobe Demonstration shows “how-to”, and is a perfect complement to theLeaderStyle™ Workshop. This program may be customized to address organization-specific challenges.

Program Highlights:

  • 20 – 45 minute live demonstration featuring diverse work-appropriate garment selections for women & men;
  • Focus on the DOs and DON’Ts of business dress as well as the appropriate fit for specific body types;
  • Program handout highlighting clothing selections and vendors – features clothing and accessory selections from low-end to high-end retailers;
  • Employee Models (optional) provides private 1-on-1 wardrobe advice to participating staff. Opportunity for employee exposure and recognition.

Running Time:60 Minutes

Smart Wardrobing: Dress for Success

Target Audience:Entry-Level Employees

This informative, interactive session teaches the basics of how to dress for casual, business casual, and business professional work environments. Participants will learn tips for building a core wardrobe on a modest budget as well as Basic Grooming Do’s and DON’TS.


  • Participants gain an understanding of the importance of visual communication;
  • Each participant learns how to use proportions to create flattering silhouettes;
  • Guidelines for appropriate ensembles; how to utilize what you already own;
  • Tips for avoiding common wardrobe mistakes.

Running Time:1-Hour Presentation or Half-Day Workshop

Relationship Building

PowerNetworking: Building Relationship Capital

Target Audience:All employees

PowerNetworking! reinforces the importance of building a strong network and its relevance to professional success. This interactive session coaches participants on: making more positive and memorable first impressions; domestic business protocol and dining etiquette; and developing an “elevator pitch”. The facilitators share some of the not-so-common-knowledge secrets to success.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn tactics for effective networking;
  • Review the critical soft skills that impact relationship building;
  • Identify professional networking opportunities in and outside of the office;
  • Make a respectful first impression with proper business card protocol;
  • Become skilled at creating elevator pitches that are appropriate for a variety of networking situations.

Running Time:1-Hour Presentation or Half-Day Workshop

Image, Etiquette and Protocol

Image Impact: Your Professional Presence

Target Audience:All Employees

If your team is just beginning to talk about image, this training is the place to start! Image Impact is an interactive training that reinforces the importance of two intangible factors of success: Image and Exposure. The exciting session explains the core components of visual, verbal and non-verbal image and allows participants to gain insight into their own “first impression.”

Workshop Highlights:

  • Participants gain an understanding of the components of professional presence;
  • Each participant gains insight into their own first impression;
  • Accountability Check: Aim to control how your message is received;
  • Tips for avoiding visual, vocal and behavioral communication pitfalls;
  • Awareness of spatial communication – what the things around you can say.

Running Time:1-Hour Presentation or Half-Day Workshop

Image & The Bottom Line

Target Audience:Sales and Customer Service Associates

Image & The Bottom Line is a coaching workshop designed for professionals whose job it is to close sales or generate revenue. This session explains the connection between personal presence, visibility and business growth. Participants learn how to leverage their presence and visibility to build the company’s bottom line.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Importance of the first impression in business;
  • How to use personal presence to market goods and services;
  • Review of exposure tactics;
  • Creating and recognizing “rain making” opportunities;
  • Counting the cost of under-leveraged presence.

Running Time:Half-Day Workshop or Full-Day Workshop

PowerEtiquette! The Soft Skills of Business

Target Audience:All Employees

PowerEtiquette! gives you the tools you need to set yourself apart from your competition. GUARANTEED. You can powerfully project your sophistication and situational awareness. Know your responsibilities for entertaining clients and colleagues with social grace, to avoid etiquette faux pas.

Workshop content covers table manners as well as the rules and nuances of business protocol. Participants also engage in activities that build confidence and competence managing meetings and corporate networking functions.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Business and social introduction protocol;
  • Preparation to work the room – small talk the smart way;
  • Entertaining clients, prospects and colleagues – for business;
  • Going global – international business protocol;
  • Navigating meetings with difficult people.

Running Time:1-Hour Presentation or Half-Day Workshop