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I was able to strike the right balance between corporate expectations and my own personal expression.
President, Kraft Foods North American Beverage Sector

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Corporate Branding

Brand Integrity is crucial to the long term success of every business.

We offer corporate branding services specifically designed to teach business teams how to live the brand.  Strong ambassadors are seen, heard, and understood – both inside and outside of their organizations.  Our Corporate services include interactive presentations, workshops & seminars, 1-on-1 Image Coaching, and Speech Enhancement.

For a Keynote Address on themes related to ambassadorship and living the brand, call 312.421.4660 Ext 202

Workshops & Seminars

The Image Studios’ customized workshops and seminars raise awareness about image and its importance in the workplace. Each program blends lecture and audience participation to provide high-impact presence training. Workshops are customized to suit entry-level to senior management and cover topics, such as: first impressions, visual identity, professional wardrobe, networking and relationship capital, business etiquette, and communication style. Each offering is modified to suit your team’s specific needs. Read More

Image Coaching

Never before has one’s personal presentation, presence, or “image” been so critically linked to success – Success is reported to have 60% to do with your image.

We facilitate image workshops structured for professional organizations. Our programs are designed to raise awareness about the power of personal image while teaching participants how to optimize their physical presentation.

Private sessions with our Image Coach will help you realize your potential by keeping your personal presence sharp and appropriate for your line of work.

Speech Enhancement

Is your speech helping you live your brand? Both what you say and how you say it have great impact on the way you and your company are perceived in today’s marketplace.

Research shows that quality communication and “people skills” account for an 85% success factor as individuals move forward in their careers. We work with vocal and speech concerns including instruction in public speaking, accent modification, overcoming stage fright, stuttering, and lisping. The goal for each client is to obtain their voice of power: a confident, controlled, comfortable, and professional sound.

We welcome you to a brand new world of Vocal Image and Speech Enhancement 

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